One Centre Street

by Mark Humble

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davidpenna Great recording of a unique, profound singer / songwriter and his band. Mark Humble is history meets indie. Stands apart from so many others in a way you actually like. Favorite track: Wait and See.
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released February 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Mark Humble Brooklyn, New York

Mark Humble started in New York City as a production assistant by day, honing his songwriting skills by night. His first album, Guilty Pleasure Cabaret, showcases his talents as a songwriter, instrumentalist and arranger, and led to work in film, theater and television. Humble has written and produced music for Sesame Street, A&E’s Biography, and the Smithsonian Institute. ... more

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Track Name: More
Start ‘em off with nothin’ leave ‘em wantin’ some more
that’s a way of living for the taking and giving
in a world wide play by play

everybody’s reaching for another new door
when that new door’s open all the dreamin’ and hopin’
that was goin’ on will pop
When your teardrops stop you’ll want some more

take a little bit more
we’ve got plenty where this came from
no one can deny it and after you try it
you’ll never be the same as before

calling for an encore
in a minute your appetite will start swelling up and then
leading you back again needing what you’re hungrier for
take a little bit more

addiction is a dictionary word for ‘not quite’
lack of moderation has been sweeping the nation
from extreme to shy extreme

so you start to pray upon your own appetite
and now it’s “no no no ‘cuz god is watching, you know”
heaven counts until you’re dead
bless my holy head kneel down for more

take a little bit more
chasing carrots on sticks until your wits start to scatter
it’s only a matter of time before I even the score
though I feel a bit sore
I keep on going around and round
now I’m getting dizzy whipped into a tizzy
and when the ocean reaches the shore

Here we are for some more desire
eternal fire that licks and rages
burning out of control
til I sing rock and roll or rock of ages
take a little bit more
more more more more!

That was so delicious I don’t know what it was
I believe I reckon I could go for a second helping
of the same I do proclaim
it’s such a shame to waste

I’ll take some more take a little bit more
If you’re thinking it’s all too much
you’re full of pollution here’s a solution
to put your mind and body at ease
open wide and say please
everything will pour in and out
at first like a summer rain then like a hurricane
if you’ve never been there before
take a little bit more
Track Name: Wait and See
Mega store, mega meal I adore Meg O’Neill
In the grass one May night two dead boys had a fight
One dead boy could not see
Other boy was only blind, woah
Wait and see wait and stay ultra slim ultra gray

She’s a balloon caught in the air
A Rubic’s cube we all can share
The party line has been pulled out
The party starts its finally time to shout

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Wait and see
Track Name: Time Again
Time and time again
like it never ends
wait for a beginning that's out of reach and just around the bend
Time and time again
Look at all my friends
Giving me the business
Wondering when you and I will end

Everyone knows that I love you
they don't know why
Everyone knows that I love you
Why do I try explaining
All that I feel
Time and again together

Step out of your mind
Listen just one time
See what I am saying
Hopefully you won't be scared to try
What was once brand new
I still see in you
I know it's in there somewhere
I only wish that you believed it too

Everyone knows that I love you
You don't know why
Everyone knows that I love you
Why do I try explaining
All that I feel
Time and again together